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We are your one stop shop for flexible pouches. Our high quality products are available in-stock with a variety of styles.
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Increase your brand awareness. Differentiate your product by leveraging vivid colors and your unique artwork on your packaging.
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We provide high quality stand up pouches which keep the stored contents fresh and safe for a longer period of time as well as make it easy for the pouch to stand upright on store shelves without falling over. We have a successful track record of completing orders efficiently and provide a high quality of service for our clients. We have a unique combination of cutting-edge technology and highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to achieve their maximum potential and output. We strive to provide the marketplace with our innovations in packaging and pouches using the latest technologies and tools, making us superior to other manufacturing firms around the world. Our manufacturing facilities are set up in USA, UK, China, Africa, Canada and Australia.

Design – 100% 
Highly flexible, durable and cost effective – 100%

Swisspac allows you to select a product from the current stock as well as custom pouch options. You will be able to display your brand on all styles of custom pouches, which will help grab the attention of your customers and allow consumers to remember your brand. We guarantee that all our pouches are safe for your products, ensuring that your products will stay fresh and clean once they have been received by the customer. We have become one of the premiere and innovative manufacturers that produces a diverse range of packaging products which cater for products from various industries, including fresh foods, coffee and tea packaging, frozen foods, dairy products, pharmaceutical products, bakery packaging, confectionery packaging, cosmetics, beverage packaging, cold brew coffee packaging, pet food, and much more.

Accuracy on Product – 99.9%
Delivery on time – 99.9%